Earthing: The health trend that has everybody talking.

Something that would have once had people doing coo-coo signs at you behind your back for mentioning it is now so popular that even celebrities are talking about it, including the likes of Delta Goodrem and Miranda Kerr. But what is this new health trend that has everybody talking?

Delta Earthing

Years and years ago when I was little, I remember my mum telling me about the healing effects of gardening and getting your hands amongst the earth. I didn’t entirely understand what she meant at the time, but it seems that nowadays there is so much information available about it’s healing benefits, including claims that it can help with depression, stress and inflammation. With all the new developments in science and health, it seems to be that getting back to basics with our natural state of being is the ultimate healer. So let me introduce to you the effects of Earthing.

Earthing is the physical contact of your bare body with the Earth, and in doing so allows you to take in the free flowing antioxidant electrons coming from the Earths surface (1). Simply walking barefoot on the natural ground, gardening with your bare hands or lying down on the sand in your bikini for about 30 minutes is really all it takes. It requires no special technique or work from your behalf at all. These free flowing electrons or ‘negative ions’ (which I have written about previously here) interact with, and help to stabilise our electromagnetic field that can be placed out of alignment from the constant attack exposure to electricity and radio frequencies that are being thrown at us everyday as we live in this modern technological world.

Clinton Ober describes the effects of Earthing: “…we humans have a bio-electrical connection with the Earth. One that with simple ground contact, neutralizes charge in the body and naturally protects the nervous system and the endogenous fields of the body, from extraneous electrical interference” (2).

The concept of Earthing, is that large doses of free electrons that go through our bodies while we are Earthing act like antioxidants by helping to ‘clean up’ positively charged free radicles and neutralise our electromagnetic charge. This in turn is supposed to have an anti-inflammatory effect, helping to reduce chronic inflammation and the incidence of disease including claims that it may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease and even cancer.

In the book titled: ‘Earthing: The most important health discovery ever?’ (3), Clinton Ober, through his work with Earthing or ‘grounding’, writes about how he first discovered it’s benefits on sleep after he made a makeshift Earthing sheet connected to a ground rod outside his bedroom window. When he laid on this sheet, his meter showed that his body had an electrical reading of almost zero. Having had problems with sleeping for a long time, Ober found that he was able to enjoy a full nights sleep without disturbances while laying on the sheet. After this discovery, he conducted a small study where the participants not only enjoyed improved sleep, but also reported reduced chronic back and joint pain (4).

Other effects that Earthing is said to have upon the body include: reduced blood viscosity by increasing the surface charge on red blood cells (5), reduce stress (6), improve energy, immune function, assist with healing muscular injuries (7) and depression (8).

When was the last time that you had physical contact outside with the bare ground? We are constantly housed in an unnatural environment, separated from the natural world and exposed to WIFI & mobile phone radiation and electricity. We walk around everywhere outside our homes with our shoes on, even just to collect the mail from our letterboxes. Next time you’re at a picnic in the park or even on your lunch break, take your shoes off and let your feet touch the ground. Little things like this may lead to positive changes happening with your health.

This post is written for interests sake only, and is not to be taken as medical advice. Please do not use the information in this article to replace any advice by your Doctor.

Jacqui xx copy



3. Ober, C, Sinatra, S & Zucker, M 2010, ‘Earthing: The most important health discovery ever?’, Laguna Beach CA, Basic Health Publications, Inc.







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